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 ~New Member Rules~

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PostSubject: ~New Member Rules~   Thu Oct 15, 2009 6:27 am

Welcome To The NoFear Clan,
If you have been approved by 2 Admins with the right to accept applications, you may proceed to launch Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory, open the console using "~" then type /name >nF|yourname| and hit Enter, once you have done that, you may join the official No Fear Server and ask anyone who has the level of 23 (Leader) or higher for level 5. To see what level users in-game are to ask for your level, type !listplayers and open your console (the "~" button) and check who is eligible to set levels. Once confirming they are level 23 or higher, tell them your forum username that they may check your application, and ask them for level 5

.:)New Member References(:.
For Clan Rules forum,and in-game
Click Here
To keep yourself updated with the latest updates of the clan
Click Here
For a clan member list, to get yourself associated with other members
Click Here
For Any Additional Help You May Need, you may contact the Owner: UnHoly, The Co-Owners: Jozza, and TeKno (LogicallyX) or Myself or any of the other High Admins

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~New Member Rules~
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