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 Recoil Sniper CFG (Not mine)

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Recoil Sniper CFG (Not mine) Empty
PostSubject: Recoil Sniper CFG (Not mine)   Recoil Sniper CFG (Not mine) EmptySun Sep 27, 2009 6:20 pm

Someone gave me this CFG, I don't think they made it so I'm not even going to say their name.

Works pretty good for snipers, Just press the + key on the keypad twice to activate, then press it once to turn off.

Note: When this is turned on you can not use any type of auto fire machine guns, it is made for snipers so its only for single shot weapons

(Snipers, colts, garand)

1. Copy and paste code into Notepad

2. Save the name as recoil.cfg and save the file type as All Files. Place it into your ETmain folder

3. enter game and type /exec recoil in console.

set recoilon "+attack; wait 0; -attack; +lookdown; wait 0; -lookdown"
set recoilon1 "+attack; wait 0; -attack; +lookdown; wait 0; -lookdown"
set recoiloff "bind mouse1 +attack"
set 1 "cl_pitchspeed 140; com_maxfps 43; bind mouse1 vstr recoilon; echo ^p[^1Sniper Mode On!^p]; vstr 3"
set 11 "bind mouse1 vstr recoilon1; echo ^p[^1Sniper recoil reduced, for when you get level 3 Co-ops!^p]; vstr 4"
set 2 "com_maxfps 125; vstr recoiloff; vstr 5; echo ^p[^1Sniper Mode Off!^p]"
set 3 "bind KP_PLUS vstr 11"
set 4 "bind KP_PLUS vstr 2"
set 5 "bind KP_PLUS vstr 1"
set 6 "bind KP_PLUS vstr 7"
bind KP_PLUS "vstr 1"
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Recoil Sniper CFG (Not mine)
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