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 Scope and Panzer Mod

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Scope and Panzer Mod Empty
PostSubject: Scope and Panzer Mod   Scope and Panzer Mod EmptySun Sep 27, 2009 7:17 pm

This is a little mod I made before I put it into the Tekno's Dream State Mod.

If you have the Tekno's Dream State Mod, don't download this, its already in it. This is something I wanted to be separate, but I ended up just putting it in it.

Just put the pk3 file in the ETmain and ETpub folders.

Download: G6WYBBM4

Scope and Panzer Mod Tds711

Scope and Panzer Mod Tds211

Also has the new !pip look too.

Scope and Panzer Mod Tds611
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Scope and Panzer Mod
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